Ride of the Mergansers

Hooded Merganser hen

New Narrated Version!
The original version of 'Ride of the Mergansers' was non-narrated. I chose to tell the story without narration because I wanted to share my experience of watching the ducks in secrecy. Hooded mergansers are very shy of humans, especially in the spring on their breeding grounds; I obtained the footage only after learning to be stealthy.
I decided in early 2006 that children would benefit from narration. As a result, I wrote a new script, recorded narration, and released a new version in June 2006. This new version is very different from the original - so different that it constitutes a different documentary.
The 'Festivals' page now has separate sections for the narrated and non-narrated versions.
The Hooded Merganser is a rare and reclusive duck found only in North America. Every spring, in the Great Lakes region, the wary hen lays and incubates her eggs in a nest high in the trees. Just 24 hours after hatching, the tiny ducklings must make the perilous leap to the ground below to begin life in the wild.
This age-old rite is rarely observed by humans. 'Ride of the Mergansers,' an 11-minute wildlife documentary, brings this hidden drama to the screen. Filmed entirely in northern Minnesota, 'Ride of the Mergansers' is a heartwarming blend of natural history, humor, and suspense. You'll be entertained, educated, and inspired - and leave with a newfound appreciation of the phrase 'leap of faith.'