{short description of image} NEW AWARD: In February 2011, "Chickens of the Sea" won the BAMmie Award for "Best Live Action Short" at the Brooklyn Academy of Music annual BAMkids Film Festival.
 {short description of image} I spent 3 years getting the footage for "Return of the Chickens" and "Chickens of the Sea." All the footage was shot in Minnesota. Yes, that is me in the credits of "Return of the Chickens," in the blind with the binoculars.

Funding was provided in part by an in-kind matching grant from the Minnesota Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund. The grant recipient was the Minnesota Prairie Chicken Society. Please Visit Their Website for more information about Greater Prairie-Chickens in Minnesota!
 {short description of image} I made a prairie chicken costume for Q&A's at children's programs. Here's a picture of me wearing the costume on stage at the 2010 Frozen River Film Festival in Winona, MN.
 {short description of image} The costume looks better when my 12-year-old son Matt wears it. Here's a picture from the 2010 San Francisco Children's Film Festival, held in conjunction with the Comic-Con comic book convention.

When Matt wore the costume onto the convention floor, it caused quite a stir -- everyone wanted to know what comic-book character it was!
 {short description of image} Here's Matt again, in a rare quiet moment when nobody was asking to have their picture taken with him.
 Furman Technologies Steve Furman, Filmmaker